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The story of Red Curtain Photo Booth goes a little something like this:

anneandryanphotostripBoy meets girl. Boy asks girl to marry him. Wedding planning begins, and they decide they want something fun, unique, and memorable at their reception. Girl has a soft spot for goofy photo booth pictures, and boy is a software engineer with a talent for carpentry. So, research, design, and building commence. Several months later, Red Curtain Photo Booth is born.

Now, boy and girl bring their one-of-a-kind booths to parties across Eastern Iowa.

Here’s the great part for you: Since we built and designed the booths, we know how they work, inside and out. And, not only are we happy to answer all your questions, we can customize nearly any part of your photo booth experience.

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- Ryan & Anne
owners of Red Curtain Photo Booth